Space Analytics

mod space analytics frontend en gantryThis module shows statistical data about the available and used space of your website on the Joomla!-Frontend. In that way e.g. authors who manage content directly over the frontend can be informed about the webspace that is currently still available. This is especially useful when also pictures and other media is also provided on your website. The results can optionally be output as text or as a bar chart. The module is localized for the languages english and german and formats dates and sizes accordingly.


  • Setting with Backend, evaluation with Frondend-Module
  • Seperated enquiry of web- and database space
  • Use of Linux-Quota to enquire used and still available space is possible
  • Configurable reload lock
  • Individual design with own CSS-styles
  • Localized presentation of results

System requirements


  1. Login to the Joomla!-Backend
  2. Click in the menu on "Extensions" - "Extension manager"
  3. Click on "Install" in the following menu
  4. Choose "Upload Package File"
  5. Choose the ZIP-file for installation and click on "Upload & Install"
  6. Configure the module as described hereinafter


Before the first usage the module is not assigned to any page and it is hidden. You have to make these settings in the module configuration in order to display the module in the Frondend.

In order to access the configuration proceed as follows:

  1. Click in the Backend-menu on "Extensions" - "Module Manager"
  2. Click on the caption of the module entry "Space Analytics". If the module is not listed, add it with "New".
  3. Assign the module in the tab "Module" to a position of your template and configure the setting "Access" corresponding to the access level of your website e.g. for authors.
  4. Assign the module to the menu items. Only if a navigation to one of these menu positions take place the module is displayed in the Frodnend. If you want to display the module in the frontend all the time a user is logged in with the configured access level, select "On all pages".

Show demonstration

The module configuration shows the following settings in the Backend:

mod space analytics backend en gantry

You can show further explanations to every item pointing with the mouse on a label. Here some explanations to some of the above listed settings:

Calculate space

Determines the space used with data of the databse. The uses database space can only be determined if your website uses a database of type "MySQL" or "MySQLi".

Determines the space used from files on the websites space.

Use Linux Quota

By activating this option the module tries to determine the available and used amount of space of the website with the method "Quota" which can be used in case of Linux by your provider to assign you as a customer a certain amount of space. It is recommended to activate this option. If it is not activated the module determines the used space with a recursively read of the file structure on the Joomla!-installation folder. This can consume some time depending on the scope of the website and the performance of the server and possibly cause a timeout. In this case change this option to "yes" or deactivate the determination of the websites space with the setting "Calculate space" in the Backend.

Additionally show space summary

Shows a summary of the determined used space of the database and the website if both areas were selected.

Time until reload in minutes

Here the timespan in minutes can be set within no new determination of used space is performed. Within this time period the last determined values are displayed with the time of measurement. This can be useful if Linux-Quota can not be used and because of this the space must be determined recursively over the file system.

Available space

Here the total available space of the website can be entered in MBytes. The value has only effects when space can not be determined with Linux-Quota and is then required if a graphical output of the used space should take place.

CSS-file / CSS-suffix

Here you can change the CSS-file used for formatting the module output. The module contains a standard pattern already set here. If you want to use your own file you can change this entry accordingly. If you instead or additionally want to use a module-class-suffix you can enter this in the field "CSS-suffix".


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